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Anticorruption Policy

In line with the Code of Ethics, the Company bans the bribery and corruption without any exception.

The Policy is inspired by the principles of behavior envisaged in the Code of Ethics and aims to provide all persons working for us or on our behalf in any capacity with the principles and rules to be followed to ensure compliance with the Anti-Corruption Laws. Notwithstanding the general principle according to which all people must behave in line with principles and rules defined in the Policy, the management is firsthand engaged in respecting the Anti-Corruption Laws, in raising awareness and spreading these rules and principles inside its own departments, aimed at preventing corruption, in compliance with the "zero tolerance" approach.

The Anti-Corruption Policy prohibits any form of corruption, active or passive, involving public administration bodies and/or private bodies, and identifies the areas of corruption risk, the tools that the Company provides to its employees as well as the rules of behavior to which they must comply to prevent and fight this risk.

Confirming its commitment, the Anti-Corruption Policy summarizes and integrates in an organic framework the rules of prevention and fight against Corruption already in force, with the aim of further raising among the recipients the awareness of rules and behaviors to be observed.