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(Legislative Decree 116 dated 3rd September 2020)

The issue of separate waste collection (recycling) is already a well impressed theme in all our minds, but its correct application is not all that obvious. 

Several times you will surely have asked yourself where a certain object should be disposed in.

Fiocchi aims to raise awareness among its customers about the importance of recycling. In fact, only with the participation of many people, it is possible to obtain very relevant results.

Separate collection is a simple gesture at the basis of a real living choice, the desire to give a second life to objects that seem to have lost their usefulness.

What for us is a worthless object, a waste, could be a precious resource for others.

The commitment required to all of us relates to the practical implementation of the guidelines for a correct disposal of used packaging and being ambassadors of this lifestyle.

In short words, a little effort for a big benefit to everyone’s advantage.

Make use of the door-to-door collection service; use the appropriate street trash bins and, if you don't see one, put everything in your pocket waiting to find it.

It is a good habit to apply wherever we are: inside a wood, on the mountain, on the street, at the beach; let's think about how many times we have seen improperly abandoned objects!

Fiocchi strongly recommends all users of its products to always collect both packaging and fired ammunition cases and differentiate them correctly.

Live your passion at best and in total respect for the nature with Fiocchi’s products!