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In the field of small arms ammunition Fiocchi is a worldwide leading Company and its range of products fulfil any need.

Founded back in 1876 by Giulio Fiocchi in Lecco (today the family has reached its fifth generation), the Company employs more than 1000 people worldwide with approximately 220M € of consolidated revenue and it is known everywhere as a synonym of responsibility, reliability, performance and commitment.

The industriousness and technical skills of Giulio Fiocchi are proven by his personal commitment in designing the Company logo, the shield with GFL letters (meaning Giulio Fiocchi Lecco) as well as by his ability to take new opportunities, such as dealing with the problem of a large amount of "scraps" resulting from the production of hunting shotshells. In 1903 these brass scraps became the raw material used to manufacture its famous "snap fasteners", which had a great success right from the beginning.


Fiocchi’s wide range of small calibre ammunition is appreciated in hunting, shooting, security and defence fields, as well as in specific industries such as the zootechnic one.

The peculiarity of Fiocchi is to manufacture all components of its products inside its own production plant in Lecco, a characteristic that, in combination with constant research and production flexibility, makes the Company competitive on world markets.

NATO qualifications obtained by Fiocchi’s products (Cal. 9, Cal. 5.56 and Cal. 7.62) as well as the AQAP 2110 Certifications (Quality Management System for the Defence field), ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 45001 (Safety Management System) are just an example of the high standards of quality achieved by the brand and appreciated worldwide.


After the early 1900’s during which Fiocchi was directly involved in the production of ammunition as an auxiliary establishment in the First World War, the dramatic economic situation occurred in the following years, combined with the 1929 crisis, severely affected also Fiocchi leaving behind consequences for several years.

Later on, the Second World War saw Fiocchi supporting the Italian Army. This strong link of collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Defence continued over the years also in the field of research and development, where Fiocchi always distinguished itself in meeting the specific needs of its privileged business partner.

After the end of the conflict, in the early 1950s the Company understood the need to have innovative products of the civil market and began to carry out studies related to the performance and the feasibility of plastic tubes in manufacturing hulls for hunting shotshells. Ten years later the Italian market responded with enthusiasm to these products.


After the crisis of the Seventies, the Company has taken with decision the way of an international development, expanding all over the world and significantly widening its production with growing revenues and profits as well as with the opening of Fiocchi of America in 1983 and Fiocchi UK in 2007.

In 2018 Charme III Fund purchased Fiocchi Munizioni in partnership with Fiocchi’s family. The acquisition by Charme III takes place in name of corporate and managerial continuity. The new holding Company was named FCC S.p.A. (Fiocchi Con Charme). It is controlled at 60% by Charme III, a pan-European private equity fund with a strong industrial matrix, while the 40% is owned by Giulio Fiocchi S.p.A., with a reinvestment based on the maintenance of a significant participation in the new group by Fiocchi’s family.

In 2020 Fiocchi purchased Baschieri & Pellagri (an Italian competitor in the hunting and shooting sector) and increased its production presence in the United States thanks to the acquisition of a production plant based in Little Rock, in Arkansas.

In 2022 Fiocchi acquired Lyalvale Express, a brand based in the UK with manufacturing facilities in Lichfield, Birmingham.

In December 2022 - The CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) acquires 70% of Fiocchi; the remaining 30% is held by the Fiocchi family and by Charme Capital Partners.