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Whistleblowing Policy, report a unlawful act

Reporting means any communication related to the Internal Control System and concerning behaviors of employees, members of corporate bodies (Board of Directors, Board of Statutory Auditors) or other governance bodies (SB), auditing companies and third parties (partners, customers, suppliers, advisors, collaborators, etc.) which violate Code of Ethics, laws, regulations, provisions of the Authorities, internal procedures, 231 Model, or any criticism or matter that may cause harm or prejudice, also solely in respect of the corporate image. In particular, shall be regarded as such the communications of non-compliance with external laws and regulations, principles contained in the Code of Ethics and company procedures, unlawful act pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 and/or violations of the 231 Model and acts of corruption (active or passive).

From the link below you can open the online form that allows you to send a report in total confidentiality through the Reporting platform.

Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to containing:

  •  Data of the whistleblower (name, surname)
  • Description of the alert signaling:
  • Business area in which the fact occurred and other information to detail the event
  • Period concerned and other information to detail the event
  • Physical site where it occurred
  • Name, surname and qualification of the person who (potentially) committed the fact (If the subjects are external to Fiocchi, specify it)
  • Any other subjects who can report on the fact

It is also envisaged to physically put the Report in a sealed envelope with the wording "confidential/ personal", in the special box for Reports installed at FIOCCHI headquarters. By the way, the box is placed under the bulletin board in the turnstiles area of the entrance.

From this page, an employee or a third party (for example a supplier) may report alleged illegal conducts or observations on alleged irregularities or violations of which he/she has become aware thanks to his employment relationship and his/her role. For example:

  • Corruption
  • Theft
  • Mobbing
  • Violent or harassing behavior
  • Violation of Code of Ethics
  • Violation of tender procedure and other assignments
  • Violation of personnel selection and hiring procedure
  • Conflict of interest
  • Violation of 231 Model
  • Public Security
  • Health, Safety and Environment

Complaints or claims related to business activity (e.g., invoicing problems or other commercial disputes) are not treated as Reports.

Any form of retaliation or discrimination against those who make a report in good faith is prohibited. The Company reserves the right to take any action against anyone who makes untrue reports in bad faith.