The 2024 Fiocchi Master concluded with the triumph of Mauro De Filippis, who dominated the TAV Umbriaverde in Todi (PG), winning the Golden Cartridge.

In parallel, the Emir Cup saw Jessica Rossi emerge victorious in the Women's Trap, adding another title to her prestigious palmarès.

As always, the event brought together the best shooters, with 30 athletes who surpassed the qualifications and the Fiocchi Day finals, all competing for the Golden Cartridge.

The Fiocchi Master also selected the new members of the "Fiocchi Top Ten": Andrea Vescovi, Alessandro Turla, Luca Roscini, Franco Felici, Massimo Chiarenza, Alessandro Salandini, Nino Cuomo, Daniele Bertolini, Salvatore Russo, Tommaso Muti, and Abdul Al Fahian. These athletes will receive Fiocchi ammunition, gear, and apparel, and will compete as official members of the Fiocchi Team in the upcoming season.

Congratulations to Mauro and Jessica for their extraordinary victories, and thanks to the 4,150 participants in the qualifiers, the 934 shooters in the Fiocchi Day finals, and the 21 qualifiers for the Master Fiocchi. We look forward to seeing you next year for the 31st edition.

It was an event that celebrated the excellence of Italian clay shooting and leaves us with the promise of an equally exciting 2025 season.