We call “Welcome Days” those days dedicated to staff integration that Fiocchi organizes to present the company to the new employees: a structured path that will help them integrate into the role and into the organization in a quick and effective way.

Aimed at both office and production staff, the project includes two parts: the first one is more general and collective while the second one is more specific and focused. In this process each employee is guided by his/her own manager during the first weeks of work in the company.

Held in Lecco’s headquarter, the “Welcome Days” are focused on all the most interesting issues for the staff: from the organization chart to corporate values, from safety policies to rules of conduct, from the presentation of the production process to the one of sales.

“This is Fiocchi Munizioni’s new approach, which strives to place people at the center from the very first days of work - claims Alessandro Sorbone, Group Chief HR & Organization Officer - In 2020 the Group has grown and more than 120 people have been hired in Lecco’s plant. It is important that anyone who joins us is involved in the entire life of the company, knows its history, its organization, its values, its rules and its objectives. This is why we have chosen to invest in this integration path and we are aware that the excellence of Fiocchi Munizioni is closely connected with the excellence of the people who work here”.