In the esteemed setting of Lonato del Garda, Trap Concaverde hosted the inaugural Fiocchi Shooting Day, an event that showcased a synergy of expertise, cutting-edge approach, and unwavering dedication.

Thanks to the collective efforts of the entire group - Fiocchi Munizioni, Baschieri & Pellagri, Lyalvale Express, Fiocchi of America, and the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP - the event stood as a testament to shared values and success. It highlighted how integrating diverse capabilities can elevate standards and redefine benchmarks of excellence.

Throughout the day, distinguished figures from the Sporting discipline, including Michael Spada, Veniero Spada, and Katiuscia Spada, adeptly managed the competition and gave masterful demonstrations of their talents, sharing their expertise with those new to the sport. Their participation enriched the event, underscoring the importance of education, adherence to rules, and the passion required to attain excellence.

The Fiocchi Shooting Day also distinguished itself through its commitment to organizational values: a spirit of teamwork, relentless focus on innovation, and a vision geared towards the future.