During the EOS Show 2024, the Assoarmieri Award paid tribute to excellence in the world of firearms and ammunition, with winners being chosen by a consensus of experts and enthusiasts in the field. This year, Fiocchi has once again set itself apart in two notable categories, showcasing its commitment to excellence and cutting-edge innovation.

The award for Best Metallic Cartridge was bestowed upon Fiocchi EPN, a hunting cartridge distinguished by its design tailored to address the diverse challenges encountered in various hunting scenarios and prey species. The innovative construction of the EPN bullets, featuring polymer tips, ensures targeted expansion and unmatched accuracy, adeptly catering to the intricate requirements of contemporary hunters.

In the category of handgun ammunition, the esteemed accolade was granted to Fiocchi Black Mamba. This round is remarkable for its blend of lightweight construction and potent performance, delivering outstanding results. Defined by a distinct design that includes a truncated cone-shaped bullet and a groundbreaking coating, the Black Mamba achieves high velocities and significant kinetic energy impact, ensuring precision and control.

These recognitions underscore Fiocchi's unwavering commitment to the research and development of solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations for safety, efficiency, and reliability in the sector.