The Italian women's Biathlon National Team kicked off the Ostersund event in Sweden with an impressive double victory.

In the 15 km individual race, Dorothea Wierer achieved a magnificent win, her fifteenth victory of her career and sixth in this race format. Meanwhile, Lisa Vittozzi's second-place finish, on the other hand, enabled her to win the individual World Cup.

Wierer and Vittozzi's podium finishes once again demonstrate the great strength of the Italian women’s Biathlon National Team, which is increasingly becoming one of the main protagonists on the international stage!

In the Ostersund race, the two athletes shone not only for their skills on the slopes but also for their high precision in shooting: both achieved a perfect score of 20 out of 20.

Thanks to their results, Lisa Vittozzi and Dorothea Wierer respectively take second and third place in the overall World Cup standings, consolidating their position as some of the strongest and most competitive athletes of the season.

The choice of high-quality ammunition, such as Exacta Winter, undoubtedly contributed to their success, once again demonstrating the importance of choosing reliable and highly precise products to achieve high-level performances.