Once again the stars of this international biathlon season include Dorothea Wierer, leading athlete of the Italian National team and of the Fiocchi team. After conquering the World Cup in 2019 and 2020, the Italian champion is going through another high-level season, thanks to her good performances on the skis and the excellent performances at the shooting range, where she uses he cal.22 ammunitions of the Fiocchi Biathlon line. “This year I feel very confident at the shooting range, and my shooting percentages have improved a lot - claimed Wierer - I have to thank also Fiocchi Munizioni for this, as their ammunitions are a warranty for reliability and precision also in very difficult weather conditions, when cold and wind might condition the race. Thank you, Fiocchi, for your support!”. Besides Dorothea Wierer, the whole Italian National Team can count on the performances of Exacta Winter, Official Winter and TT Winter, the ammunitions that Fiocchi Munizioni especially designed for biathlon.