Fiocchi Munizioni renews its partnership with Dorothea Wierer, biathlon world champion and international icon of the discipline. After conquering the last two World Cups, the company based in Lecco and the Italian champion prolonged their fruitful collaboration for another saison. On this occasion, Dorothea Wierer spent one day in the headquarters of Fiocchi Munizioni, visiting the offices and departments and meeting the people that contribute in making her win through their work. After meeting the management team, when the athlete told about the past results and the objectives for the future, Dorothea visited the production department of the company to see with her own eyes how the ammunitions that let her get at the top of world biathlon are created. The day ended with a cocktail where a limited number of Fiocchi’s employees grabbed the chance to talk to the champion and take some photos with her - always respecting the anti-covid regulations. “It’s always exciting to come back to Fiocchi, meet the professionals and have a first-hand experience of the work that is necessary to realize our ammunitions - claimed Dorothea Wierer during the visit - In our sport the attention to the smallest detail makes the difference between a victory or a defeat; in this sense Fiocchi is the best ally that an athlete might desire in the shooting range”. “We are very happy for the renewal of our partnership with Dorothea, and we can’t wait for the new season to begin, to continue winning with her - claimed President Stefano Fiocchi - There are many elements that our company shares with the champion: passion for sport, the determination that makes us achieve the best results, the will to support Made in Italy in the world”. Besides Dorothea, also the Biathlon Italian National Team will be supported by Fiocchi. Also this year, indeed, the Italian team will count on the performances of Exacta Winter, Official Winter and TT Winter, specific ammunitions for this discipline that requires precision, reliability and constancy also in extremely difficult weather conditions.