On June 16th and 17th, the 24th edition of Fiocchi Day — the prestigious competition organized yearly by the company based in Lecco — went down in three different locations. Among the 4.551 shooters that participated in the qualification phase, 901 battled once again on the three different sets that hosted the final phase: Trap Concaverde in Lonato del Garda, Brescia; TAV Umbriaverde in Todi, Perugia; and TAV Gioiese in Gioia del Colle, Bari. Moreover, the number of athletes that took part in the event set a new record among the many competitions organized by companies of the firearms and ammunitions industry. Here's the winners divided by venue: Trap Concaverde Stefano Schianchi, absolute winner Luca Miotto, Excellence Damiano Petrucci, First Category Pietro Zecchi, Second Category Giacomo Vielmo, Third Category TAV Umbriaverde Fabio Batini, vincitore absolute winner Michele Candillo, Excellence Franco Felici, First Category Stefano Schiavolini, Second Category Luigi Girolimetti, Third Category TAV Gioiese Gaetano Di Bari, absolute winner Giuseppe Petrera, Excellence Maria Lucia Palmitessa, First Category Antonio Petrera, Second Category Alfonso Ricciardi, Third Category On the 25th and 26th of August, finally, the winners will face for one last time in Umbriaverde, where the Master Fiocchi 2018 will take place.