HIT Show 2019, scheduled at the Vicenza Fair from 9 to 11 February, will be the perfect stage to present to the public the latest Fiocchi news: three new ammunition cal.22. .22 LR – Semi Auto: It’s specifically designed for use in semi-automatic weapons, both rifles and hundguns; the high initial speed, combined with a specially designed bullet, makes for super reliable functioning even in firearms which typically require high levels of energy to cycle the action. .22 LR – Target Sport: It can be used in rifles and pistols. Super consistent quality represents great value for money. Can be used for target shooting or more general use. .22 LR – Subsonic: It’s an exceptionally accurate cartridge designed for vermin control. Maximum stopping power with extremely quiet report. Ideal for single shot bolt action rifles. “We invite all visitors to come visit us at our stand – said President Stefano Fiocchi and Commercial Director Marzio Maccacaro – we will be pleased to take them on a trip around the Fiocchi world”.