The finals of Fiocchi Day 2021 took place over the weekend from 18 to 20 June, the prestigious tournament organized by Fiocchi Munizioni, now in its 27th edition this year. In all there were 998 participants, who came from all over Italy in the 4 competition fields where the finals were played: the Concaverde Trap in Lonato del Garda (BS), the Umbriaverde TAV in Todi (PG), the Gioiese di Gioia TAV del Colle (BA) and the Marsala TAV of Mazara del Vallo (TP). Here are the winners of the four finals: TRAP CONCAVERDE 1st overall: Ciro Tornello 1st Cat. Excellence: Mattia Sardi 1st First Category: Massimo Goldoni 1st Second Category: Federico De Micheli 1st Third Category: Marco Ralli UMBRIAVERDE TAV 1st overall: Alessandro Chianese 1st Cat. Excellence: Petroni Teo 1st First Category: Diamantini Gianfranco 1st Second Category: Bartolini Gianni 1st Third Category: Luca Frattesi TAV GIOIESE 1st overall: Vinci Carlo 1st Cat. Excellence: Fortunato Joseph 1st First Category: Palmitessa Lucia 1st Second Category: American Turkish 1st Third Category: Salinaro Pasquale TAV MARSALA 1st Overall: Rizzo Salvatore 1st Cat. Excellence: Anastasi Nicolò 1st First Category: Pietro Giallombardo 1st Second Category: Costanzo Pietro 1st Third Category: Nicola Ingargiola "Thanks to all those who participated in Fiocchi Day, which is confirmed as the first corporate shooting event in Italy - says Chief Commercial Officer Daniele Palmieri - Now all the winners will be our guests at the Master Fiocchi, in program on August 28th and 29th at TAV Umbriaverde. On that occasion, the overall winner will be declared and the Top Ten Fiocchi 2022 will be defined. "