Fiocchi Munizioni is one of the most important and oldest Italian companies specialized in the production of small caliber cartridges and ammunition (for hunting, shooting, defense and sports). Founded in Lecco way back in 1876 by Giulio Fiocchi, our company has been able to combine tradition and innovation, always maintaining high quality and safety standards of its products. Fiocchi Munizioni is today an international reality, with factories in Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States, for a presence in over 100 countries around the world.

Fiocchi Munizion: the history

The history of Fiocchi Munizioni begins in 1876, when Giulio Fiocchi, a bank employee, purchased a failed munitions factory in Lecco. Giulio Fiocchi decides to invest in the production of metal cartridges, a novelty in the sector at the time, and to focus on quality and technological innovation. Thanks to his entrepreneurial vision, the Fiocchi Munizioni company was born, which soon became one of the leading companies in the Italian and international ammunition market.
Over the years, Fiocchi Munizioni has faced the challenges of history, from the First to the Second World War, from the economic crisis to globalization, without ever losing its identity and its vocation. The company has been able to adapt to customer needs, expanding its product range and introducing new solutions for hunting, sports shooting, personal and professional defence.
Fiocchi Munizioni has also consolidated its reputation in the sporting world, sponsoring athletes and national shooting, shooting and dynamic shooting teams, winners of countless world and Olympic championships.

A "Made in Italy" brand

Fiocchi Munizioni is proud to represent Made in Italy in the world, with products that combine quality, design and innovation. The company guarantees maximum reliability and performance of its ammunition, with particular attention to respect for the environment, adopting sustainability policies and international certifications.

An excellence with an innovative spirit

Fiocchi Munizioni has always been at the forefront in introducing innovations in the ammunition sector. Among the most recent, we can mention:
Black Mamba cartridges, designed for personal and professional defense, with light bullets that develop very high energy.
Canned Heat cartridges, vacuum packaged in metal cans to ensure greater conservation over time.
Exacta Match cartridges, dedicated to target shooting with pistol or rifle, high precision.
The Steel line cartridges, with steel pellets for hunting aquatics in humid areas where lead is prohibited.
The Official Red cartridges, created for clay shooting, with a special loading that reduces recoil and increases velocity.

Fiocchi Munizioni is an Italian excellence that has been producing quality ammunition for over 140 years, combining tradition and innovation. To find out more, visit the range of products available on the site.