Fiocchi Ammunition participated in a high-profile ballistic test cycle at the prestigious Nettuno Range. The event involved the most renowned Italian operational units, including Special Forces and elite marksmen. The event, strongly supported by the range director Colonel Dario Porfidia, provided an opportunity to examine and refine the new Fiocchi EXO Technology HPBT ammunition, designed in synergy with the Italian Army Special Forces.

The cooperation between the Special Forces and Fiocchi Ammunition produced significant and decisive results, allowing precision marksmen to enhance their operational skills and theoretical understanding. Thanks to the exceptional infrastructure of the Nettuno Range, the experience of the Army Corps of Engineers personnel, and the use of advanced tools such as the Weibel SL-15028P Doppler radar, the tests provided extremely accurate data on the ballistic coefficients of Fiocchi ammunition, both in subsonic, transonic, and supersonic regimes.

The enthusiasm generated by this historic event was palpable among the participants, both military and industry representatives. Colonel Porfidia expressed his intention to organize further initiatives of this kind, extending the invitation to regular forces, special units, and NATO allies, both nationally and internationally.

In summary, this remarkable occasion highlights Fiocchi Ammunition's commitment to innovation and synergy with Special Forces, with the aim of improving ballistic performance and ensuring greater safety for our uniformed heroes