The passion for sport and hunting is a real vocation, which requires commitment, dedication and a great deal of determination.

To get the most out of your efforts it is essential to have the right equipment, which can guarantee top performances. This is why Fiocchi Munizioni has always had the success of its customers at heart, creating an exclusive range of ammunition to meet every shooter’s needs, from training to competitions at the highest levels.

The range of Fiocchi Munizioni cartridges for rifles and competition smoothbore has been developed to guarantee high-level performances, with uncompromising quality: the choice of the best raw materials, the attention to production processes and constant quality control are just some of the characteristics that distinguish Fiocchi’s ammunition.


Improve your shooting performance with Fiocchi Munizioni’s Golden and Official cartridges

Fiocchi Munizioni’s range of Golden and Official cartridges has been chosen by international clay pigeon shooting champions for their smooth recoil and high performances, making them ideal for long-lasting competitions.

The Golden range is built with the best components available on the market, including the type 4 case, the 616 gold primer, the selected 5% antimony shot and treated with a gold anti-friction coating. This combination of components allows Golden cartridges consistency and exceptional precision, guaranteeing maximum performances at each shot.

Furthermore, the Golden range is characterized by one of the shortest barrel times among the cartridges available on the market today. This feature is fundamental as the barrel time directly affects the speed of execution and the advance to be given with respect to the trajectory of the clay pigeon. Thanks to this particular design, Fiocchi Munizioni’s Golden cartridges guarantee an excellent trajectory of the projectile, or rather, of the swarm of pellets that make up the projectile, making them ideal for shooting competitions of all levels.

Even the Official cartridges are another highly successful product in the Fiocchi Munizioni’s Competition Team range.

They also stand out for their constant performance and top quality components. Among these, the type 4 case, the Finnish Vihtavuori powder harmonized with the 616 Silver primer, the special Fiocchi wad and the selected shot with 5% antimony. Official cartridges are the perfect choice for clay pigeon shooters and, likewise the homonymous ones in 22 LR caliber, they are for target shooting.

Fiocchi Munizioni’s Official Electrocibles cartridges are specially designed for propeller shooting. Thanks to their first quality components, they guarantee a speed of over 400 m/s. Their exceptional firepower and trajectory accuracy, optimized to intercept the prop in flight and detach the baton, make them the ideal choice for shooters looking to reach new levels of performance.

Finally, we present the HOT TEMPERATURE cartridges from the Competition Team range of Fiocchi Munizioni, enriched with an ideal loading for use in hot climatic conditions: thanks to this particular design, the HOT TEMPERATURE cartridges guarantee the same performances and recoil softness even at temperatures above 25°C.

Whether you are participating in a competition or simply practicing on the platform, HOT TEMPERATURE cartridges are the perfect choice to guarantee top performances in any weather condition.


Satisfy your shooting needs with Fiocchi Ammunition: Together to win!

Fiocchi Munizioni has always been synonymous with commitment and passion for sport and hunting, and the range of Golden and Official competition cartridges is a clear example of this.

The quality of the components and the careful manufacturing process guarantee the best quality for the shooter. If you are looking for cartridges that guarantee high performance and the gentle recoil necessary for long-lasting competitions, the range of Fiocchi Munizioni’s cartridges is just the one for you.

Together to win, with Fiocchi Munizioni!