The Fiocchi Sabatti Trophy, a long distance shooting competition become a must for italian and international fans, will be held Sunday 19 July in Cerreto Sannita. Now in its 5th edition, the competition will take place at the Samnium Shooting Club, a wonderful shooting range located in a natural area at 900 meters above sea, with very high-tech shooting platforms. During the day, the shooters can use Sabatti rifles and Fiocchi Exacta ammunitions, cal. 308 Winchester. At their side, there will be our technical expert, to give them advice and information. The jackpot is really super: the best shooter with Sabatti weapon and Fiocchi ammunition will win a Sabatti rifle and 200 Fiocchi cartridges - Perfecta line, and participants will be given many others awards. For info and registration: 328.2619832