Years of experience and progress have brought many solutions to the world of hunting and its cartridges, up to the identification of a 100% biodegradable material, suitable for the creation of a complete range of components.

For both beginners and more experienced shooters, the choice of the hunting cartridge to use in the rifle is not a subtlety.

You can rely on the advice of friends or the experience of a competent gunsmith, but ultimately it is the experience in the field that gives us the answer. To simplify the choice, here are some suggestions to identify the best ammunition suited to the planned hunt.

Let’s start from the fact that there are two well separate categories of hunters:


The generic hunter

This category includes those hunters who practice roaming hunting with or without a dog, both for sedentary and migratory game. They generally use versatile rifles, with medium length barrels, preferably with chokes. The cartridge of these hunters must have generic characteristics suitable for each prey and season.


The specialized hunter

Or those hunters with a fixed nail on their favorite prey.
Everything else is superfluous, so this category of hunters pays really attention to details: the rifle, the dog, clothing, accessories... everything is chosen ad hoc to have the best possible performance. In this case the cartridge is essential: it can also cost a weight of gold, but it must be specific for the type of hunting that is practiced in a specific period of the season.


What hunting style do you have?

It is clear that according to the category of hunter closest to your style, the choice of the cartridge will be different.

In the first case, we will have a cartridge locker that will be a real rainbow full of different lead numbers, with a couple of these among the favorites, the “good ones” to be reserved for prey or the most difficult shots.

In the locker of the second hunter type we will find a certain composure, with boxes of no more than two or three types of cartridges, sorted by preference (and by sense of affection, in the case of some successful cartridge!).

Seriously, there are obviously cartridges that adapt to different conditions of use and others, more specific, to be used on special occasions. Basically, for each type of cartridge, the following important factors must always be kept in mind:

  • Distance: The average shooting distance you will need to cover
  • Environment: Where the hunt will take place and the climate conditions
  • Prey Resistance: Evaluate the prey and its toughness
  • Rifle: In addition to the caliber and length of the barrel, evaluate the chokes as well
  • Position in the barrel: you should understand whether to use a cartridge for the first, second or third barrel, if for example you are using a semi-automatic.


After evaluating these 5 points, you will be ready to establish together with an expert munitions store your purchases which, with its testing and experience, will reveal to you if they have been valid choices and / or how to improve yourself.

Always rely on the advice of expert hunters and ammunition sellers, remembering in any case to consult all the information you find on the product of your interest.