The prestigious sporting event ISSF World Cup Shotgun will move to Cairo from April 25th to May 5th, featuring exciting competitions, such as Danka Barteková's victory in the skeet women finals in Larnaca!

Lucia Palmitessa won first place in the FITAV Grand Prix, demonstrating great skill and talent, while at British Shooting, James Willett won the silver medal, and Aaroon Heading achieved the coveted gold.

Our team of shooters aims for extraordinary results, maximizing performance thanks to the Competition Team, Golden line: the champions' favorite choice for its exceptional speed and precision.

Golden and Official are the preferred cartridges of international shooting professionals, thanks to their combination of low recoil and high performance, particularly suitable for long-duration competitions.

The Golden range is characterized by the best components on the market, such as the 616 gold primer and selected pellets with 5% antimony and gold anti-friction coating, and a barrel time among the shortest in the category. Using Golden cartridges guarantees exceptional performance for our shooters, ready to face the competition with the utmost confidence and determination.

On the other hand, Official cartridges stand out for their consistent performance and high-quality components, such as the type 4 cartridge case and Finnish Vihtavuori powder harmonized with the 616 Silver primer.

The ISSF World Cup Shotgun is an unmissable opportunity for shooting enthusiasts to witness the performance of the world's best athletes and live an unforgettable experience.