Fiocchi Munizioni is honored to announce the recent visit to the company by Lisa Vittozzi, renowned Italian biathlete, and her coach Klaus Höllrigl, which took place on June 1st.

Lisa Vittozzi's recent victories, including her second place in Ostersund and bronze in Oberhof, are the latest chapter in a series of successes. The use of high-quality ammunition such as Exacta Winter has undoubtedly contributed to these results, reaffirming the importance of choosing reliable and precise products for excellent performance. Vittozzi, along with the Italian Women's Biathlon Team, also showcased her performance at the Italian stage of the IBU World Cup in Anterselva.

The day at the company, enriched by a meaningful meeting, highlighted the important role of Fiocchi Munizioni as the technical sponsor of the Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI). Lisa Vittozzi's tenacious competitive spirit and dedication to biathlon reflect the values that Fiocchi Munizioni pursues: dedication to excellence, precision, and perseverance. The visit provided an invaluable opportunity to interact with those who directly use the company's products, providing valuable insights for the continuous optimization of Fiocchi Munizioni's solutions.

"Direct feedback from athletes of Vittozzi's caliber is essential for our research and development activities," said the CEO of Fiocchi Munizioni. "We are thrilled to support Lisa in her professional journey and grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and her coach."

During the meeting, Vittozzi and Höllrigl were able to deepen their understanding of the company's production processes, strengthening the bond between Fiocchi Munizioni and the biathlete's team.

Fiocchi Munizioni is proud to be associated with a sporting talent like Lisa Vittozzi, contributing to her success through the commitment to producing high-quality ammunition. The company is dedicated to ensuring that its products meet the needs of the most competitive athletes.