The 2024 Biathlon World Cup has concluded, etching Lisa Vittozzi's name in golden letters in the annals of sports history. This season has become a stage where grit, precision, and relentless determination of a champion have orchestrated a symphony of successes.


Lisa's journey from Östersund to Canmore is a testament to overcoming challenges and realizing dreams through steadfast dedication. Her legendary comeback in the North American legs is inspiring. Beginning at Soldier Hollow, her impeccable aim secured a well-deserved fourth place in the Sprint, narrowly missing the top spot in the Pursuit by just a fraction of a second.


But it was in Canmore that Lisa conquered the Globe: starting with a significant disadvantage, she achieved the unimaginable, securing back-to-back victories and leaping to the top of the overall standings. These performances not only earned her the first Crystal Globe but also established her dominance in specialty rankings and set enviable records for precision and consistency.

This journey culminates in unparalleled successes, marking a memorable season with the World Cup triumph, a multitude of podiums, and historic shooting accuracy.

As we delve into this extraordinary season, we celebrate the achievements of the Azzurri, who have elevated the art of biathlon to new heights of excellence and passion.

From Östersund in Sweden to Canmore in Canada, each stage was a showcase of athletic and strategic challenges, where the Fiocchi Team demonstrated their mastery. In Östersund, the Italian biathletes made a promising start: Lisa Vittozzi shone by winning Gold in the 15 km Individual Race and Bronze in the Mixed Relay 4X6, setting the stage for a season of triumphs.

The circuit continued, with the Azzurri maintaining their high standard of performance. In Lenzerheide, Switzerland, Vittozzi added another Bronze to her collection in the 7x5 km Women's Sprint, confirming her consistency and reliability.

The home game in Antholz-Anterselva marked one of the season's most thrilling moments. There, the atmosphere spurred the athletes to exceed themselves, securing Silver in the 4x6 Km Mixed Relay, showcasing the talent and synergy between Dorothea, Lisa, Didier, and Tommaso.

The tour then led the Azzurri to Nove Mesto, where they continued to excel. Lisa secured a Silver in the 10 km Pursuit and a Gold in the 15 km Individual, while the duo of Lisa and Tommaso again demonstrated their strength, stepping onto the podium together.

In the United States, at Soldier Hollow, and then in Oslo-Holmenkollen, the Italian team maintained a high level of competition. Lisa achieved Silver in the Pursuit, while the quartet of Tommaso Giacomel, Didier Bionaz, Lukas Hofer, and Patrick Braunhofer shone in the relay, securing another Silver.

The season concluded triumphantly in Canmore! Lisa Vittozzi dominates with Italian records, clinching the World Cup, leading the "Individual" and "Pursuit" rankings, establishing new Italian records with five victories and ten podiums, and reaching unprecedented shooting accuracy of 93.1%. Furthermore, she enriches her trophy cabinet with a gold and three silvers at the Nove Mesto World Championships.

Now, as the echoes of victory still resonate, we look forward to the future, ready to witness new thrilling chapters in the captivating challenge of Biathlon.

Go Azzurri!