The European Championship Shotgun, held at Trap Concaverde in Lonato del Garda, concluded with a burst of emotions as the Fiocchi Team demonstrated extraordinary strength, determination, and precision.

Lucia Palmitessa and Giovanni Pellielo won silver in the Final Trap Mixed Team, showcasing impeccable synergy and textbook concentration. However, the true pinnacle was reached by Silvana Stanco and Mauro De Filippis, who brought home the gold in the same competition. Their precision and composure under pressure provided us with moments of pure adrenaline and joy.

Shooting is not just a sport of precision but also a discipline that demands significant mental and physical skills. This sport offers substantial benefits, such as the development of concentration, coordination, and emotional control, where every success is the result of commitment and dedication.

A crucial role in these triumphs was played by the quality of the ammunition. Fiocchi Munizioni, the athletes' technical partner, provided excellent cartridges essential for guaranteeing high-level performances. In a sport where every millisecond and every millimeter can make the difference, the reliability and precision of the ammunition become critical. Go Fiocchi Team! Italy is ready to continue shining in the world of shooting sports.