Under the spotlight of the global stage, shooting excellence has one name: Fiocchi Golden. An electric atmosphere and nine shooting athletes who have made history, solidifying their path to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2023, Baku: the wind came to a halt, silence enveloped the field, and the spectators held their breath! Khaled Al-Mudhaf and Giovanni Pellielo unveiled a masterclass performance in a fiercely contested match. The audience was spellbound, the tension palpable, and the outcome? Two Olympic cards clinched in the Trap Men discipline. In the Skeet Women's category, however, Danka Barteková shone brightly, securing an Olympic quota with an exceptional performance.

Shifting to the 2023 European Games, the thrill remained high. Jessica Rossi shone, grabbing the gold medal and her Olympic card in the Trap Women discipline. Mauro de Filippis and Martina Bartolomei, with finesse and grace, elevated their game, securing their Olympic card in Trap Men and Skeet Women disciplines alongside the gold medal.

To the pulsating rhythm of the 2022 European Championships, Luigi Lodde and Silvana Stanco dazzled in their series, relying on an unstoppable traveling companion: the Fiocchi Golden cartridge. Their innate talent, combined with the cartridge's precision, paved the way to Paris.

And as the cherry on top, at the 2022 World Championships, Zuzana Rehak Stefecekova showcased unparalleled class in Women's Trap. With her title victory, she earned not just a place in the hearts of fans but also an Olympic quota.

Every Golden fired, every target hit, is the fruit of years of commitment, passion, and unwavering determination. Their story is our story! The adventure is just beginning, and the legend continues. Go Fiocchi Team!