How to choose a cartridge suitable for sports? Let’s try to clarify and discover the right way to choose a shooting cartridge.

The market for sporting shotgun shells is huge and there are cartridges that differ in weight and size of the pellets.

Our first advice is to consistently use the same type of cartridge during training, so as to prepare for the competitions in the best possible way, managing to identify the stock of sports cartridges most suitable for you.

Sports cartridge is not a component to be overlooked: its variables can influence the shot, change the distance at which the target is hit and make the shot more or less accurate, positively or negatively affecting one’s sporting performance. An important element is the recoil: the softness of the recoil facilitates the handling and aiming of the second shot.


How to choose the shooting cartridge?

There are many aspects to take into consideration when you want to buy a stock of sports cartridges:

  • Experience of the shooter
  • Speed
  • Bullets (size)
  • Grammage.

Do a self-analysis and choose the level of experience you feel like starting from: it is not appropriate to choose sporting shotgun shells that are not suited to your experience. Not all cartridges are the same or easy to use in the same way... even less for an entry level!

If you’re just starting out, focus on simple cartridges that can simplify your apprenticeship (during training, for example, it is recommended to use a 28 weight).

If, on the other hand, you are comfortable with practicing sports, you can experiment with different types of cartridges for sporting shotguns, having fun testing their characteristics, for example in terms of speed.


Sports cartridges’ velocity

Velocity is not an easy aspect to resolve when choosing the best performing sports cartridges: a choice that must consider other characteristics, such as the shooter’s physicality, habits, automatic mechanisms and recoil. Basically, the type of sports cartridge to use varies from sportsman to sportsman.

Almost all the cartridges used for clay pigeon shooting have a muzzle velocity of between 400 and 415 meters per second: a range considered a fair compromise for all sportsmen and women.

Anyone who starts shooting with a fast cartridge will immediately notice some difficulties in controlling the rifle and in the recoil of the weapon: one of the major problems of this type of sporting rifle cartridge.

However, the market still offers a very long list of solutions in the panorama of sporting cartridges, so don’t be discouraged: with solid foundations, training and the help of industry experts, you will be able to easily find the sporting shotgun cartridge that best suits your needs or simply your tastes.