Fiocchi Day 2024 - the must-attend event for shooting enthusiasts and professionals in Italy - is just around the corner. Excitement is building as we approach Fiocchi Day 2024, the annual shooting event that captivates the attention of enthusiasts and professionals across Italy. We are thrilled to announce that this year's edition promises to be more engaging than ever!

The competition will kick off with the Qualifications on Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12, taking place in a total of shooting ranges throughout the national territory. The shooting ranges include:

Cieli Aperti, Concaverde Lonato, Belvedere, Accademia Lombarda, Fagnano, San Fruttuoso, Arluno, Bergamo Di Seriate, Seriate, Carisio, S.Giovanni, Pecetto, Ponso, Vecio Piave, Santa Lucia Di Piave, Stand Borgo, Laterina, La Torre, Pisa, Montecatini, Molinella, Crevalcore, Casalecchio, San Marino, Po' Polesine, Conselice, Marmore, Umbriaverde, Foligno-Nettuno, Montopoli, Viterbium, Oca Selvaggia, S.Uberto, Acquaviva, Campiglia, San Martino Castellano, Castelfidardo, Falco, Pastorano, La Cicogna, Spinella, Sandonaci, Fasano, Gioiese, La Tranquilla Di Rosarno, Marsala, Interdonato, Rosolini, Terrasini, Sardara, Pabillonis.

The top athletes will compete for a spot in the Finals of the tournament, scheduled from May 31 to June 2 at the renowned fields of Concaverde, Umbriaverde, Gioiese, and Rosolini. The highlight of the competition will take place on June 22 and 23 at the TAV Umbriaverde in Massa Martana (PG) with the Fiocchi Master along with the "EMIR CUP" race. During these two exciting days, the overall winner will be crowned and the Top Ten Fiocchi athletes of 2024 will be announced.

Join us to celebrate excellence in shooting and to experience an unforgettable event at Fiocchi Day 2024.

We look forward to seeing you there!