Choose Fiocchi to live your passion in a sustainable and responsible way! Fiocchi is a company that has always been dedicated to the production of high quality primers, respecting the needs of its customers and the environment. Fiocchi’s philosophy is based on three fundamental values: precision, excellence and respect for the environment. Strongly attentive to the ecosystem, Fiocchi Munizioni has developed GREEN products, which aimed at promoting an increasingly sustainable lifestyle.


Live your passion to the maximum, fully respecting the nature

If you are a passionate hunter or shooter, Fiocchi Munizioni is the right company for you.

The choice of GREEN products allows you to live your passion to the maximum, in total respect for nature. Not only that, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, Fiocchi guarantees unparalleled performance.

Fiocchi is a world leader in the production of primers and produces approximately 2 billion primers a year. Since 1985, the company has been developing mixtures aimed at respecting the environment and the shooter. In particular, the Leadless indication identifies a lead-free primer, with a non-mercuric, non-corrosive and non-erosive mixture.


ZetaPì trigger: and the GO GREEN logo

In the mid-nineties, the Fiocchi Research and Development Office developed the trigger with the ZetaPì blend, or Zero Pollution.

Ammunition with the GO GREEN logo, in addition to having lead-free bullets, are characterized by this particular Zero Pollution trigger. The priming mixture with which it is produced is free of lead, zinc and other heavy metals, as well as non-mercuric, non-corrosive and non-erosive.

Currently, this special protection is present only and exclusively with ammunition that adopts FIOCCHI ZetaPì primers.


Green Core: the range of bio wads with the usual ballistic performance

The Fiocchi Group has developed the new Green Core, that means a range of wads produced with 100% biodegradable and compostable material.

The material with which it is produced is EN 13432 certified, which means that it degrades by at least 90% in 6 months if exposed to an environment rich in carbon dioxide. Furthermore, the mass of the material decomposes 90% into fragments smaller than 2 mm in contact with organic materials over a period of 3 months. The residues of decomposition therefore do not damage either flora or fauna, as there are no microplastics in them.

Green Core wads are currently only available for 12-gauge cartridges and their geometry is optimized for the different materials of which the shot is made, whether they are lead, steel, tungsten or bismuth. The Green Core range is exceptionally resistant to low temperatures and to shooting, guaranteeing maximum protection of the barrels from contact with the shot: a perfect solution for the use of hard materials such as steel and tungsten.


Fiocchi Munizioni: the passion for responsible and sustainable hunting and shooting

Fiocchi Munizioni is a solid, historic company, which is committed to the production of high quality products while respecting the environment.

Choosing GREEN products allows you to share an increasingly sustainable lifestyle without compromising product performances. Thanks to the range of Green Core professional wads, you can use 100% biodegradable and compostable wads, without renouncing the usual ballistic performance.