In recent years there have been more and more shooters in Italy, most of whom simply enjoy hitting targets with a rifle or a pistol as a leisure activity.

In fact, target shooting is a sport that can be practiced by anyone, which attracts fans of all ages and social backgrounds.


Rediscover a recreational sport

One of the main reasons for joining a shooting club is the time it allows you to spend with other like-minded people. As mentioned, target shooting is truly a sport for everyone, it can be practiced by men and women as well, by young and old participants, belonging to any social class. Easier than one might think, it is a playful activity to be safely practiced inside a shooting range, where it is possible, for example, to challenge friends or colleagues in a short friendly competition. Target shooting is a sport which, by respecting protocols, is absolutely safe and at the same time teaches responsibility. Above all, it’s funny activity that can be shared with everyone!

Some people enjoy target shooting because it allows them to relax, focus on the target and work on improving their aim and marksmanship. They find it an excellent form of recreation and exercise to enhance muscle memory, concentration, breathing and fitness.

Shooting target shooting is a skill that can be honed through practice. When a shooter sees their skills perfected, that’s where the real satisfaction lies.


Have fun in safety

Target shooting on the range helps to satisfy one’s competitive spirit: it’s funny to test one’s skills against others, whether in an informal competition or in competitions organized at a local or regional level. Whether it’s accurately hitting close-range targets with a pistol over a certain period of time, testing your ability to hit a long-range target with a rifle, or cracking clay pigeons with a shotgun, there’s always some form of competition that will fuel the sportsman who lives in you!

Target shooting is also popular because it helps to increase self-confidence.

To play safely and effectively, it is helpful to take a class at a TSN to learn safe firearm practices, realizing a higher level of responsibility and confidence in one’s abilities.