This year's edition of the Caccia Village, the national fair dedicated to hunting and shooting, wrapped up successfully.

Over the three days, we were thrilled to welcome more than 30,000 visitors, a number that highlights the growing interest and enthusiasm in our industry.

The event gave us a unique opportunity to interact directly with enthusiasts and customers, allowing us to hear their stories, better understand their needs, and assist them in their choices. This helped strengthen existing bonds and forge new ones in an environment where the shared passion for hunting was loud and clear.

Our flagship product was the Bismuth cartridge. These cartridges mark a significant step forward in the ballistic field. Bismuth, the key element of this cartridge, is a material with unique characteristics: it has a 25% higher specific weight than steel, ensuring a more marked impact and offering durability comparable to lead. These properties make the Bismuth cartridge an ideal choice for those looking for an exceptional shooting experience, without compromising on performance or environmental impact.

We thank everyone who participated and shared their passion and energy with us, especially our shooter and hunting enthusiast Fiammetta Rossi, who tried and shared her experience with the Bismuth cartridge. We can't wait to welcome you to the next edition of the Caccia Village, where we will continue to explore innovations in the world of hunting and shooting.