An extensive bibliography can be found on ammunitions for target shooting. When you start shooting at the range, though, it's important to know what type of ammunition to use and for what type of weapon. The following is a small guide to help you understand which types of ammunition are good to start shooting at the firing range.


Target shooting ammunitions

Target shooting ammunitions are used at the range during target shooting. These are ammunition that depending on the training are fired in large quantities, so most of this ammunition is usually less expensive than defense ammunition. This also means that the ammunition is manufactured differently.

Firing range ammunitions are generally FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) but since these types of shells have a high armor-piercing capacity, they cannot be fired at all ranges. In firing ranges where FMJ bullets are not permitted, shotgun cartridges are commonly used instead for rifles, while for short-barreled guns those with a lead core covered in copper with a galvanic process.

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Accessories for the polygon not to be forgotten

When you decide to start shooting at the firing range it’s essential not to forget a good pair of headphones and a good pair of protective goggles. Remember that only safety goggles with legally compliant polycarbonate lenses provide adequate protection against flying shrapnel!

If you have space in your pocket, our advice is to always carry a spare pair of headphones with you, the friend of you who hasn’t read this post will almost certainly need them!