What type of ammunition shall I buy? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get asked by our female customers. There is some misperception among female gun owners about “which ammunition is appropriate for which purpose”. How do you know what you need?

If you are a new gun owner, you may find yourself starring at boxes and boxes of ammunition, wondering why some are so much more expensive than others. What are they for? Which should I buy?

Price differences in ammunition depend on several factors: the type of bullet, the type of case, powder and primer and their production process. In order to keep this post reasonably long, we will focus on semi-auto pistol ammunition despite of revolver and rifle ammunition.



Although it is quite expensive, brass is the most used material to produce the case, but it is possible to find ammunition with steel or aluminum cases as well. Brass has high mechanical features which it maintains even after several shooting and reloading cycles.



The most common types of bullets you will encounter in handgun ammunition distinguish by their construction in Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) in lead covered with brass or tombac, Semi Jacket in partially covered lead, in lead totally and electro-galvanically covered by a layer of copper or polymer-coated bullets. As far as their shape is concerned, the most common bullets are the ones with a round tip or nose, truncated cone or truncated cone, hollow point or hollow point, flat tip or wad cutter.


What to shoot for practice at the range

When you are at the shooting range you need reliable and accurate ammunition that are as affordable as possible. The projectile does not have to be particularly complex because it just has to… poke holes in the paper. To that end, FMJ bullets, where permitted, are ideal. They are cheaper than other types of bullets and they do everything you need. The other types of bullets are fine but are considerably more expensive and do things (like expand on impact) that you do not need when practicing shooting at the range.


Women’s ammunition

For a woman it is important to choose a handy weapon and the ideal ammunition for a woman must not have an exaggerated recoil. Target shooting must be a pleasant experience from all points of view and must not be ruined by an annoying and maybe even painful sensation of recoil.

Buy the weapon and ammunition up to your skills and your body and always ask for a friendly opinion from the experts.