Master Fiocchi 2020, the final moment of the Fiocchi Day, was celebrated the last weekend at the Umbriaverde Shooting range in Todi (PG) and Mauro De Fillips won for the second year in a row. After winning the 4 finals last June against 993 specialists, 35 athletes climbed on the Umbrian platforms to compete in the Master Fiocchi and win “the Gold cartridge” and the prizes at stake. In two days of competition the partecipants took part in four shooting sessions, at the end of which the ranking ended with three athletes on top with the same score of 96/100: Mauro De Filippis, Francesco D'Aniello and Giandomenico Cirone. The Master Fiocchi was decided with a shoot-off at 25 targets, which awarded the title to the italian champion (25/25), currently number 1 in the world ranking. Among the shooter of Excellence and 1st category, Francesco D'Aniello was the winner. Arcangelo Loragno wins in the 2nd category, Giandomenico Cirone in the 3rd. The competition also elected the 10 shooters who earned a place in the Top Ten Fiocchi 2021: Francesco D'Aniello, Diego Puccio, Riccardo Faccani, Josef Fortunato, Arcangelo Loragno, Giuseppe Burzigotti, Renato Ferrari, Giandomenico Cirone, Cosimo D'Elia, Michele D'Aniello. All of them won a supply of Fiocchi ammunition, a selection of materials and clothing from the Lecco company, and the opportunity to compete as members of the Fiocchi Team for the next season. Fiocchi Munizioni congratulates and thanks all participants, giving appointment for the next edition of Fiocchi Day 2021.