For some, gun or rifle accessories for hunting or shooting ranges (clothing, collars, dog accessories, gun parts, footwear and reloads) are more important than the gun itself or cartridges. The market has always been looking for countless weapons accessories that enrich this sector.

Thanks to our experience of over 140 years, we have always tried to offer a wide range of small caliber ammunition, synonymous with guarantee and reliability, for all customers.

Starting from an inevitable accessory for every shooter such as holsters (rigid, leather, fabric, polymer...) for every type of pistol, we have also thought about sport shooters and the need to have performing ammunitions with the most common sights for shotguns and carbines.

Our range of shotgun and rifle ammunitions is in fact designed to satisfy even the most demanding expectations, from those of the hunter to that of the sport shooter and even at long distance.

With a wide variety of cartridges and the constant search for new technological solutions, we respond to the needs of hunting, range and precision shooting enthusiasts, offering excellence also in reloading, with a complete range of ammunition components for short and long, smooth and striped charging.


Hunting for excellence with an increasingly sustainable approach

Modern hunting is a discipline that does not forget its traditions, but rather consolidates its values ​​of love for nature, with a scientific and ethical approach, and in recent times also increasingly sustainable.

In this context, the development of new biodegradable polymeric compounds implemented by Fiocchi (in collaboration with the Research and Group Development Department and with an important Industrial Research Center for Advanced Mechanics and Materials) is of particular importance, with the clear aim to offer high quality but also sustainable products to all fans of the sector.

To ensure ballistic performances of the highest level, we tested the first wads produced with 100% biodegradable and compostable material, in different climatic conditions of humidity and temperature. Results were extremely satisfying.


Everything you are looking for can be found in our catalogue

Fiocchi is a leader in the sale of products related to the market of sports and hunting cartridges, powders and refill materials.
In the online catalogue of our website you can find a long list of products for hunting or sports shooting, all products that meet the constant satisfaction of our customers.


Our company has always been synonymous with quality and professionalism... in the past, present and future times!