The best shooters in the world of the last Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 have been welcomed at Fiocchi Munizioni headquarter in Lecco to spend a day close to the company’s employees and find out how to make the bullets that proclaimed them in the international shooting scenario.

On Wednesday 15th December, Alessandra Perilli, Zuzana Rehak Stefecekova, Jessica Rossi, Gabriele Rossetti, Aaron Heading, Mauro De Filippis and Tammaro Cassandro have visited the firm offices and departments, receiving the virtual hug of the staff.

Therefore, the seven athletes, Fiocchi Team’s pillars, have followed the munitions production cycle and met technicians and workers who replied to their questions and curiosities with enthusiasm and expertise.

“We are proud of the organization of this meeting between the athletes who took part at the last Olympics and our professionals who every day work with passion for manufacturing our bullets - said  Daniele Palmieri, Fiocchi Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer - Moments like this help our company to boost the excitement and the internal branding, key ingredients to feed the excellent global growth path that started two years ago.”

During the gala dinner, the company had the pleasure to reward all the athletes and dedicate a special acknowledgement to Zuzana Rehak Stefecekova and Alessandra Perilli, winners respectively of a gold medal and an Olympic record, a silver and a bronze medal at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.